Tracking and Scheduling Tools

With every project you run, you're faced with timelines and due dates to submit your paperwork When you're running several projects at the same time, those requirements are multiplied. The Construction Superintendent application helps you stay on top of the situation with a number of management assistance tools, including:

The Construction Superintendent application for iPad provides a single instrument to record and submit these key field management forms and reports and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


Time Sheet

Are late time sheets causing a delay in payroll processing? After an urgent phone call to the superintendent, he or she must drop what they are doing in the field to return to the job trailer to submit time sheets. With the lightweight, user-friendly iPad and the "Construction Superintendent" app, the superintendent simply opens the template, fills in the time sheet, and submits it to the accounting department.

You can create as many time sheets for as many personnel as you have onsite.  The application allows you to code time to different cost codes as well as recognizes overtime.

Active Forms Summary

Select a project and the Summary Worksheet shows all the forms and reports that you have in-process and the last time that you edited each open form.  It also shows you the last time that you submitted each type of form for the selected project. 

Due and Pending

The Due and Pending worksheet shows you at a glance the next time that each regularly scheduled form is due to be submitted for every active project that you're managing.  From this worksheet, you can select with one touch the specific project and form with which you want to work. 

Submitted Forms History

Copies of all the forms and reports that you submit are saved on your tablet.  Use the Forms History tool to locate, review and optionally re-submit or forward any past report.