Settings and Customizations

Customize the application for the types of projects you build and the types of resources and equipment you employ.  You can access the Contacts on your iPad to import information about employees, subcontractors and vendors that are associated with your projects.  You set the schedules at which recurring reports  and forms need to be submitted -- across the board or for each individual project.  Change the names of the reports and forms to match the nomenclature you use today.  Personalize the letterhead of the reports and forms with your company logo/branding for a professional, custom look.

Master Settings and Project Settings

 The Master Settings section of the app is where you manage the application attributes and Resources that are commonly applicable to all Projects and Forms.  And, for each individual job that you work, you can augment or override the settings to suit the specific nature of the project.


Customized Business Settings

 Setup the cost codes and standards that you use in your business, like employee time cost codes, subcontractor labor and equipment cost codes, standard resource costs and units of measure.

Customized Operational Settings

Define the specific resources that you employ, including: employee personnel, subcontractors and services, trade and labor classifications, and equipment.  Customize the content, appearance and management of your forms and reports by specifying: a company logo, if and when reports are scheduled to be completed, to whom reports and forms are to be distributed, the definition and order of safety inspection categories ... and more.