Refund Policy

PAYMENTS, TERM AND REFUNDS.  Your payment of annual or monthly license fees currently in effect at the time of initial licensing or license renewal entitles you to use the application for the associated period of time (“Service Period”).  At the expiration of the Service Period, licenses renew automatically for the then current license renewal fee, for an equivalent period of time as the effective Service Period.  You will be notified via e-mail in advance of the expiration of the Service Period that your license will automatically renew and associated fees will be charged to your registered payment method.

Initial license fees are not refundable.  You may cancel automatic renewal at any time.  If you cancel an annual license within five days after its billing to your registered payment method, you may request a refund of the renewal fee via e-mail as published on the web site.  No refunds or adjustments are otherwise allowed for annual license fees.  Monthly license fees are not refundable.

An active annual license may be transferred from one registered user to another one time during its associated Service Period.  You may request a license transfer via e-mail as published on the web site.  Monthly licenses are not transferable.